Berry Energy Peel 40min- $60.00

Berries of Strawberry, Blueberry, Bearberry & Marqui Berry help to digest dead skin and infuse antioxidants deep into the skin. helps to awaken tired skin leaving it refreshed and reenergised. 

Enzyme Energy Peel  40min- $60.00

Fruit enzyme of mango, pineapple & Papaya, passionfruit, Kiwi & Guajava are mixed together to create an exfoliation like no other. great for all skin types 

Pumpkin Energy Peel 40min- $70.00

This vegetable peel will feel quite hot on the skin. digestive enzymes mixed with alpha & beta hydroxy acids help to exfoliate the skin to reveal a refines, glowing skin. Ideal for pigmented and acne skins.

Microdermabrasion 45min- $80.00

Non invasive exfoliating treatment used to new overall skin tone & texture. Improves sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring and more. Sonophoresis is then used to hydrate & nourish the skin.

Sweet treat 30min- $50.00

A gentle treatment to cleanse & hydrate the skin leaving it to feel refreshed.


A change in season 45min- $78.00

as the seasons change so do our skins needs, this truely relaxing & invigorating facial will change with every season. delivering something ultimately amazing.

Hottest facial in town 45min-$85.00

This intensely invigorating & revitalising treatment contains a host of goodies to make the skin glow and leave the skin soft and smooth.

Everything roses 45min-$85.00

Our nurturing facial treatment helps balance & normalise the skin. This treatment will help to calm, protect & restore hydration.

Age is only a number 60min- $110.00

A high- performance facial treatment designed to combat signs of premature ageing.

The green detox smoothie 60min -$110.00

This harmonising detox treatment uses micro algae rich in proteins, amino acids & minerals  that will nourish & replenish the skin with vitamins delivering an even & radiant looking skin.